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Thank you once again for your application to enlist on the United Confederation Alliance cruiser Starblazer, PETTY OFFICER ABORTIA. We’ve been overwhelmed with the response to our call for applications and the impressively high quality of candidates for this listing.

Unfortunately, we regret that you have not made it to the second round of interviews. We encourage you to apply for future opportunities and will retain your data should any new positions arise. In the meantime, we cannot stress enough the importance of experience in an official UCA environment, as ships that fall within our classification of ‘civilian vessels’ may not meet the hurdle requirements for general excellence.
If you have any enquiries or would like specific feedback, please note the high volume of communication we are experiencing, and do not reply to this message directly as this account is unattended.

The Pitch?

In space no one can hear you squeal. In the distant future, six drag queens live aboard a monolithic colony spacecraft and do whatever it takes on their mission to get by and have a good time. Into the Void is in development and forecast to begin primary production in 2017. Stand-by or get in like us on Facebook for all the glossy, glitter, glam goss.

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