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AusPost MyHome Pilot Case Study Video

AusPost MyHome Pilot Case Study Video


The Australia Post Inc Program’s “MyHome” team, of which my enterprising partner in crime and partner Jack McCardel was a member!

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A case-study-style video exploring the target market and market gap for their pilot program, designed to help ageing Australians stay in their own homes longer.


Presented, first and foremost, at the Inc Program’s conclusion, during the showcasing of every team’s projects.


September 15th, 2017 was the grand end to the intense weeks of creative, emotional and normal labour.


After some pre-production advice from Failed Productions, the half day of filming kicked-off at the residence of our lovely subject Wendy, who graciously let us use her life, experiences and beautiful home to illustrate the importance of centralising age-care services. A day of editing and some difficult decisions about which footage to cut led to the final vid.


To connect the real life, human impact of the designed pilot and the importance of things as mundane as administrative and beureaucratic simplicity and efficiency!


Both Wendy and the MyHome team were excellent to work with, we’re lucky they found her!

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