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Space Vivian Eco-Glitter Insta Gifs

Space Vivian Eco-Glitter Insta Gifs


Space Vivian! The Melbourne small-biz bringing biodegradable eco-glitter to Australia in the lead up to our all-out war against micro-plastics.

SpaceVivian.cominsta * facebook


A collaboration to create a series of silly gifs about how mild eco glitter is v. how wild (-ly irresponsible) plastic glitter is.


On their amázing Instagram account.


Releasing ~weekly from March ’18 onwards, while stocks last.


We had two or three brainstorming / shortlisting catch-ups before doing a single day of shooting, and 2 – 3 days of editing. Claire and Rosie enforce a strict have-fun policy with their business activities and as far as corporate policies go, this was the most refreshing one yet.


To add bespoke content to the hilarious exisiting Space Vivian online presence, to further awareness of glitter as a source of devastating environmental impact and to reinforce that gr8 brand tone they cultivate.


A+++ would collab. again.

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