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Exciton Science Light Ideas Competition

Exciton Science Light Ideas Competition


(The Aus. Research Council Centre for Excellence in) Exciton Science are saving the world one photon of light in an excited state at a time – although their research and development has many varied and nuanced applications, their work in solar energy conversion will one day help power our mutant descendants’ homes and monster cars.

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A short, social-ready video to grab attention for their Light Ideas competition – an architecture and design comp. to incorporate innovative Luminescent Solar Concentrators into the urban environment. A second, more science-heavy follow-up video laid out the material’s properties in more detail and illuminated more features for early career designers.


On their website, newsletters and social media channels.


Over the bright, energy-filled Summer of late 2020 / early 2021.


We wandered the city, having a rough idea of some cool and unique-looking urban spaces, repeating the main points of the competition and calls to action, cutting them together quickly for the sake of energy and enthusiasm.


Centres of Excellence aren’t just researching cutting edge science, but also play a key role in broadcasting their discoveries and sharing their expertise with the public at large – an architectural and design competition is an excellent way to remind the rest of us that science isn’t confined to science labs, and that a sustainable energy future is in the hands of many sectors.


Exciton Science do incredible work and are absolutely de-light-full to work with, don’t listen to the climate skeptics.

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