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IMDB Updates

IMDB is one of the go-to, global sources for information collated from the public about films and television series. Our work with Shaun Miller Lawyers on their formidable IMDB page for example, is now an independent public testament to the strength of Shaun’s filmography.


Adding New Films to IMDB

IMDB needs some insider details for each new film, which crew and creatives can enter on IMDB’s contributor zone.

If you hate online forms and would like someone to take over the data entry while you source the data itself, we’d love to have you book in for an hour video chat to collaborate on the new entry. You can schedule a video call using this page’s booking form.

IMDB Updates and Revisions

The Edit Page button at the bottom of every IMDB page allows you to make adjustments to just about anything listed on IMDB. If you’d like us to make these updates on your behalf, please get in touch via ¬†with as much detail about each update as you have available.

For tracking down films already on IMBD, to add a cast or crew member for example, it’s great to have the year and director as well as the title – if not a link to the film on IMDB itself!

We work in half hour blocks and can make, as a rough example, about 5-10 simple updates in one hit over half an hour.