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Midsumma Futures Pride March

Midsumma Futures Pride March


A rainbow-toting, music-blasting’, ute-trailing march entry for the 2018 Midsumma Pride March!


The futurists of the Midsumma Festival‘s inaugural Midsumma Futures program, a collaboration with the de-lightful de-design work of Yvette Turnbull!



Along the queer and ally-lined Fitzroy St, St Kilda.


During the sweltering, 40-degree afternoon heat of 28 January, 2018.


A little bit of strategic paperwork, eBaying and whispering-in-ears in the months leading up, culminating in an afternoon of sign-making, rainbow-painting and cloud-inflating the day before.


To contribute to Midsumma Pride, both in gratitude for the chance to participate in Midsumma Futures, as well as using the great excuse to be loudly, visibly and accessibly queer provided by the march.


Very, very special thanks to the North Richmond Community Health, whose generous loan of self-powered music machinery provided the thumping acoustic accompaniment to our march entry, as well as Minus18 whose large rainbow we stole (borrowed) from right under their community-minded noses.

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